Tyranny Overthrown in Curris Center Rocking Chair Lounge

Rome / Murray (AP) – Students dissatisfied with tyranny took out their dissatisfaction with an unusual brutality and creativity – attacking beloved MSU President Robert Davies with party blowers. These toga-ed radicals must be appeased. Et tu, Racers?  Citizens of the republic (and hungry students en route to the T-Room) were alternately confused and delighted by the spectacle, which involved such violent and forceful weapons as silly string and  dog toys. In addition, another method of curious self-destruction occurred when a group of willing radicals gleeful ate chili peppers while reciting their favorite Shakespeare lines. Surely, the decline and fall of the Racer empire is upon us.

Is the republic revived? Will we grace in captive bonds Caesar’s chariot wheels? Friends, Racers, Countrymen: your last chance to see Julius Caesar is tomorrow at 10 AM in Lovett Auditorium. And on Thursday, see another display of royalty with Henry V  at 7 PM.

Pictures from yesterday’s tragedy below:


Remaining events:


  • Stage Combat Workshop: Participants will learn basic stage combat safety and fight choreography techniques from masters of the craft. Limited to 16 participants; first come, first served. 3 p.m. Lovett Auditorium.
  • Lecture: “Adapting Caesar: Caesar on Film in the 1930s and 1950s” presented by Dr. Andy Black, assistant professor of English. Compares Orson Welles’ 1937 staging of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar for The Mercury Theater Company to the 1953 MGM film adaptation starring James Mason as Brutus and Marlon Brando as Marc Antony. 4 p.m. Faculty Hall Room 107.
  • “Shakespeare’s Stage and Circumstances” Community Theater Workshop: The actors from the American Shakespeare Center will travel to Murray’s Playhouse in the Park to conduct an acting workshop for the benefit of members of the general public from Calloway County and beyond. Limited to 30 participants; first come, first served. 5 p.m. 701 Gil Hopson Drive, Central Park, Murray, KY


  • Lecture: “Caesar: The History Behind the Story” presented by Dr. Aaron Irvin, assistant professor of history. Explores the facts behind the factionalism and ambition that led to the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 B.C.E., as well as the way those facts evolved into the kind of fiction that authors like Shakespeare employ in their dramas, poems, and novels. 3 p.m. Waterfield Library.
  • Panel Discussion: “The Experience of the Modern Warrior vs. Henry V: Did Shakespeare Get it Right?” presented in conjunction with the Office of Veteran Affairs. Moderated by Murray State’s Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education Dr. Renae Duncan, a panel consisting largely of Murray State combat veterans will discuss scenes from Shakespeare’s play Henry V in the context of honoring their own experiences as members of military units. 4 p.m. Curris Center Stables.




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