New App by Sean Rife

Murray State University Assistant Professor of Psychology Dr. Sean Rife and colleagues in the Netherlands have created a web application that scientists can use to check their papers for statistical errors. The underlying program, called “statcheck” by authors Sacha Epskamp (University of Amsterdam) and Michèle Nuijten (Tilburg University) has already been applied to over 30,000 published papers and discovered that roughly 1 in 8 articles in the field of psychology contain one or more critical errors in statistical reporting.


Working with Nuijten, Rife created a version of statcheck that is available as a website. The application provides a “one-click” solution that allows researchers to easily screen their papers for statistical errors prior to submitting them for publication.

Since the web app was launched on September 26th, 2016 Rife estimates that it has been used to analyze over a thousand documents, although precise figures are not known due to publishing and privacy concerns. The program has received attention from social scientists on social media, as well as mainstream media outlets such as


“When writing a scientific paper, it’s easy to inadvertently make mistakes. It is our hope that statcheck’s web version proves to be a valuable tool that improves the accuracy of scientific papers,” said Rife.

The application can be accessed by clicking on the link provided: Statcheck


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