Featured Students

Featured Student: Morgan Owens


  • Name: Morgan Owens
  • Year: Senior
  • Major: Psychology Major with a Minor in Management
  • Hometown: Louisville, KY
  • Quirky Fact: My initials are in alphabetical order, Morgan Nicole Owens.
  • Favorite thing to get (food/drink) on campus: Mac & Cheese from the library store.
  • Best movie you’ve seen recently: The Girl on the Train
  • What you like to do on campus: I like to sit in the psychology conference room with everyone in the department.


Q & A:

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Morgan Owens, and I am a Senior here at Murray State majoring in Psychology with a minor in management. I am originally from Louisville, Kentucky, and I have a little brother. Last year, I was awarded the Psychology Undergraduate Research Award for the best Psychology research project of the year. Outside of school, I like to hang out with my friends during the weekend. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a lot of time for hobbies this semester since I have been so busy with applying to grad school.

What made you come to Murray State?

I went to an all-girl high school back in Louisville, and I graduated with around 200 other students. Everyone was going to all of these cool places around the country, but unfortunately, my ACT score wasn’t high enough for me to do that. I actually applied to five different colleges, and Murray State was one of them. So I ended up at Murray State since it was the furthest away I could get from home and stay in-state. When I visited I found that I really loved the atmosphere. During the tour, the tour guide said something I’ll never forget. They said that you have to go to a campus where you have your pajama feel. What that meant, was that if you were really sick and couldn’t leave your residential college without being in your pajamas, which college would you feel most comfortable walking around in, in your pajamas.

Who have you enjoyed working with?

The professor that I have enjoyed working with the most—because I have done most of my research with her—is Dr. Maria Brown over in the Psych Department. Lecture-wise, I have probably enjoyed sitting through Dr. Dan Wann’s lectures the most.

Who inspires you in life?

My mother has really inspired me throughout my life. She has an Associates Degree and she worked the whole time when I was a kid and then became a stay-at-home mom when my brother was born. She really inspires me to finish my college degree in order to provide for my family as she has provided for us. Also, the way that she raised me and my brother really makes me proud to call her my mom.

My dad has also really inspired me. My internship is actually with the same company where he works, and so I have really gotten the chance to see what he does in and out and it was really impressive, a lot more impressive than he gives himself credit for.

What made you choose the major you did?

I took AP psychology in high school, and, even though it was hard, I still fell in love with it. When I first came to Murray State, I had planned to be a clinical psychologist where I would be a therapist and diagnose people. However, I quickly realized that it was not what I wanted to do with my life and instead wanted to be in the corporate business world, which is why I chose Industrial & Organizational Psychology as my focus.

Work/projects related to your major?

I have been doing research with the Psychology Department since I was a sophomore. My research interest which I have been focusing on here since sophomore year with Dr. Brown is on Alzheimer’s and bilingualism. It has been proven that if you know more than one language, you can put off getting Alzheimer’s for up to three years. So I looked to see if there were connections between the different languages to see if it mattered if, for example, it was a romance language versus a Germanic language. After three years of researching that, my research has shifted more into looking at the workplace and looking at attractiveness and trustworthiness in stereotypical jobs.

I have had an internship for the last two years with Brown-Forman in their customer service department.

I am also a student ambassador on campus, so I give tours to the potential students of Murray State along with being a departmental ambassador for the Psychology Department. Additionally, I am in the Psychology honors society Psi Chi and a member of the Psychology Club, which I used to be the president of.

Future plans:

As of right now, I am applying to eight grad school programs across the nation, primarily in the south. My intended program is in Industrial & Organizational Psychology, which has been my focus in my undergraduate studies thus far. That program looks at training and how the organization is bringing on and recruiting people. It has a lot to do with HR, but as of now that is my plan for a two-year Master’s program, after which I plan to hopefully get a job in that field.



Morgan is such a wonderful person. She is smart and hard working. She comes up with great research ideas and has the drive to carry them through. In fact, she has presented her research at several conferences in and outside of Kentucky. Morgan has also taken on various leadership roles in our department. Last year she organized a large reception for Psi Chi, the psychology honor society. This event would not have been possible without her hard work. She was a member of our first ever Psych Bowl team and is actively involved in Psychology Club, among so many other things. I can always count on Morgan to help out and give it her all.  -Maria Vazquez Brown


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