Featured Faculty: David Pizzo


This week’s CHFA featured faculty member has taught at Murray State University for 10 years, has led over 15 study abroad programs, has over 15,000 Instagram followers, and views his outstanding mentoring abilities as a way to pay back the great mentoring he received as a student.

This impressive and talented faculty member is Professor David Pizzo, an Associate Professor in the Department of History. He received the Board of Regents Teaching Award in 2011, received the Outstanding International Service Award in 2013, and was named the University’s Distinguished Mentor in 2016. Dr. Pizzo holds a BA in history from Duke University and a PhD in European and African History from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Dr. Pizzo is married to Murray State staff member Robyn Pizzo, who is the Senior Education Abroad Advisor and together they have a 2-year-old daughter named Hazel. His hobbies are travel and architecture photography.


You can follow him on Instagram at


Dr. Pizzo taught and/or directed in Austria, Germany, the UK, France, Greece, Italy, and Tanzania (16 programs by Fall 2017) and was a participant in an MSU program in Ireland. Before coming to Murray State, Dr. Pizzo taught in South Africa, and he lived in Berlin for almost five years while conducting research there as well as in Tanzania, Ethiopia, and South Africa. Dr. Pizzo holds several positions here at Murray State University. He is chair of the International Studies Advisory Committee and Faculty coordinator of the Office of Research and Creative Activity (ORCA), where he coordinates the fellowship and grant distribution for the Fall and Spring Scholars Week. Additionally, he is the graduate coordinator in the Department of History, serves on the Honors Committee, is one of the two chairs of the Presidential Scholarship interview process, and is currently the mentor of three presidential fellows.

This past summer, he completed his tenure as the historical consultant on a holographic symphony project—“Symphony to a Lost Generation”–in the United Kingdom, where he assisted in conceptualizing the project, was a consultant for two years, attended the premier, and conducted a Q&A sessions in London.

To read more about this project:


In addition to his impressive service and teaching, Professor Pizzo has also recently published on several topics including empire, warfare, genocide, and ethnic cleansing. He is currently working on a book for Peter Lang dealing with Germany and global history.


Congratulation to Dr. Pizzo on his many accomplishments and his outstanding teaching, research and service!


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