Featured Faculty: Dan Wann

dan wann

Professor Dan Wann, Professor, was the recipient for this year’s College of Humanities and Fine Arts, Teaching Award. Dan Wann is an exemplary teacher, role model, mentor, and inspiration to his students. His relationships with his students are both pleasant and professional.

Professor Wann is committed to supporting student engaged research. He has co-authored six different presentations with eight different students in the past five years at national conferences. More impressively, he has published 13 manuscripts in professional top tier journals, with 21 student co-authors in the last five years. Four of those manuscripts (with 10 students) were in the past year, alone. This year he has had a manuscript accepted for publication with a student co-author, in a top journal in our field. In the Department of Psychology research and publishing is one of our most prestigious accomplishments, and can really help students achieve success in their academic and professional careers.

In addition to excellence and teaching in the classroom, hands-on learning often occurs in the hallways and offices. Psychology is built upon the foundation of scientific research, presenting, and networking. It is not uncommon to poke your head into Professor Wann’s office and see a student sitting right next to him, looking at a computer or a stack of data as Professor Wann teaches the student, step by step, complicated statistics or analyses. Students literally line up outside his door during office hours to talk to him, and he makes time for each and every one of them. Professor Wann will go over an exam with a student, one item at a time, for over an hour. He will sit with students and teach them more effective study techniques.

Dan Wann & Marie Carroll

Importantly, Professor Wann does not “hold his student’s hands” but he does hold his students to a high standard. You can ask just about any of his students and they will tell you how rigorous his classes are, and how much they respect him. These two statements often occur in the same breath. Most recently a student noted that “Dr. Wann is an amazing lecturer and I retain everything he says, which is fortunate because I will be tested on it.” Students respect Professor Wann for holding them to a higher level and it is also very apparent that he loves helping them reach that level.

Professor Wann spends many personal hours helping students prepare and present the findings of their research. Each year he takes a large group of students (ranging from 3 to 7) with him to a Western Kentucky University’s Sport Psychology. He has attended every year for the past 12 years, without ever taking credit for this as part of his “service” or allowing students to put his name on their presentations. This year he took six students with him, to present their findings at this professional regional conference.

He does this out of the goodness of his heart, and for the pure educational and professional benefit of the students. He has introduced students to professionals at other institutions and potential future graduate advisors. In fact, one psychology student was accepted into a graduate program because the Chair of the admissions committee saw the presentation that she gave at the Sport Forum, and then met her that afternoon. This was not a coincidence, but instead was a direct result of Professor Wann’s guidance and mentoring.

Professor Wann is an excellent mentor to students, both inside and outside of the classroom as well as the university. He is highly respected and enjoyed by his students.


The College of Humanities and Fine Arts would like to congratulate Professor Wann on his outstand record of excellence in teaching!


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