Featured Students

Featured Student: Amanda Jones


  • Name: Amanda Jones
  • Year: Sophomore
  • Major: Theatre
  • Hometown: Paris, TN
  • Quirky Fact: I constantly doodle ballerinas and gymnasts. My notebooks are covered in them.
  • Favorite thing to get (food/drink) on campus: guacamole or hummus and coffee, lots and lots of coffee.
  • Best movie you’ve seen recently: Disney’s Moana
  • Favorite movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
  • Best book you’ve read recently: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Housseini
  • Favorite book: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak or any of the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling, I’m mildly obsessed.
  • What you like to do on campus: I’m usually in rehearsals or working in the costume shop, but I love to hang out with friends and go to the gym with my bestie a lot.



Tell us about yourself:

My name is Amanda Jones. I’m nineteen years old. I’m from Paris, Tennessee. I am studying to be a costume designer. Ideally I’d like to be a professor of costume design. I play volleyball, I use to be a gymnast. I read a lot of books and I drink a lot of coffee. I’m really open minded. I have a lot of friends. I’m a vegetarian. I speak Spanish. I want to eventually be a mother and for my children to be able to speak Spanish, I think that is important. image5

What made you come to Murray State?

Both of my parents were theater majors here, met here, and had me while they were attending school here. My family is a theatre family, we have always been really super involved in the arts. Also this university is really close to home. It just kind of felt like that legacy was something that I wanted to continue. And I love it here and I’m really glad that I ended up here.

Who have you enjoyed working with?

There are so many great people here. The faculty in the theatre department is all so encouraging, they care about their students. I have worked with Lissa Graham she’s a director, I was the assistant stage manager for Glass Menagerie. That was an incredible experience, that is my favorite show that I ever worked on, and the most proud I have ever been about a show. Because I’m a costume designer I work a lot with Heidi Ortega. She is the perfect mentor, I always feel that she has my back, that she’s making sure that I’m on my best game. She’s always trying to help me find opportunities to further myself. And I know that if I ever need something in my career that I could reach out to her. Also all the students in the department are so great, and we’re all so close. I’ve found some of the best friends of my life here.

Who inspires you in life?

I have grown up to find inspiration in everyone that I meet and everything that I see. Of course I can say my mom and my dad, Heidi, my friends but I think the important thing about finding inspiration is finding it in little things. Because a lot of people are good but at the same time anyone can do something that can inspire you and take you by surprise, if you’re just focusing on one person, then you’re not going to pick those things up.

What made you choose the major you did?

My family is super involved in the arts and I’ve always been a doodler and love to draw women in beautiful clothing. For a while I actually tried to stay away from theatre. It felt like a bad idea because it’s not easy to get a job in theatre. I was going to be a pharmacist for a while and I think I just realized that wasn’t where my passions lie. So I ended up here thinking I might be a performer, but I just fell in love with costume, I fell in love with design and building. It feels like the right thing for me.


Work/projects related to your major?

I design constantly. I was the head costume designer for the show that just finished, All in the Timing. That was all me, I did all the costumes with the help of the people who work at the shop. That was incredible rewarding. I just got a job offer for this summer from a ballet working out of Camden and Paris, Tennessee, to do their big show. I’ll be doing lot of costumes for that, I’m going to get to draw lots of ballerinas, which is my favorite thing to draw.


Recent awards/ honors?

I was recently awarded this past year with a scholarship from my department that only one person from the department receives. It was based on excelling in my field and that was really huge for me because I like to stay on the down low, I’m not really a center stage type of person. So being recognized is always cool to know that people are seeing what I’m working on.

Future plans:

I want to graduate. After I graduate I really want to go into the peace corps in a Spanish speaking country and I want to teach English. Mainly just because I really want that practice with education but also because I’m really passionate about mission work and I think it is the best way to do long term mission. So I’m really looking forward to that and after that I really want to go to grad school so that I can be a professor and of course I want to be a professor but I want to try all sorts of thing within my field.


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